Bloodline Trilogy by Rhea Watson


Three alphas forced to unite to defend their territory—fated to a she-wolf with starlight in her eyes and destiny in her blood.

All my life, I thought I was the only one.

Not a wolf. Not a woman. Just some freak in between. A mistake. A monster.


Abandoned and dismissed. Shunned and forgotten.

Until they find me.

Ewan. Lucian. Soren.

Men and wolves. Three possessive alpha wolf shifters, so sure Lady Fate built me for them and them for me that they steal me away in the dead of night. Give me food, clothing, and a home of my own.

Crown me queen of their new pack.

But this pack is a mess, nothing but a bunch of alphas fighting for control. They hate sharing me almost as much as they despise each other. No teamwork. No camaraderie. No support—just ego and competition.

I’ll show them. Being an alpha isn’t just about mating, marking, and starting a bloodline…

It’s so much more.

After a lifetime in the forest, I don’t know much about this shifter business, but I know how to be wild.

It’s time for my stubborn fated mates to remember what we are…


Because if we don’t embrace the wild in our bones, we’ll lose everything to the rivals sniffing at our borders—and the ancient evil lurking right under our noses.

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