Blood & Bones: Rev by Jeanne St. James


From a past of righteousness to a future of anything but…

Rev rarely does what’s expected of him.
The Blood Fury member’s rebellious nature tends to lead him on the road less traveled.
In his youth, he fought the chains meant to restrain him, meant to force him on a righteous path. A path he never chose. A path he never planned to follow.
He prefers to pave his own road, taking detours to forge his own future.
Even if it’s one full of sin.
But an unexpected call drags him back to the painful past he’s left far behind. One he’s tried to forget.
No good reason exists for him to return. Except to witness the final moments of the person who made him and his sister suffer.
Maybe even get a taste of revenge.
However, he’s not sure he can deal with it alone. He wants someone to stand by him and help give him strength.
A woman who also carves her own path and spits in the face of restrictive rules.
The problem is, she’s off limits. No matter how tempting she is, no matter how satisfying the sin would be, touching her is one rule he can’t break.
Ultimately, mistakes are made.
Secrets are forced to be kept.
Because he’s a sinner.
He was born one.
He will die one.
And in between, he plans to enjoy the life he chose.
Sins and all.

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