Black Swan: The Complete Trilogy by Sabre Rose


A complete dark romance trilogy set in the same world as Sabre Rose’s best selling Requested Trilogy, Black Swan is the compelling story of a girl who struggles with being known as the daughter of a monster.

Daughter Of A Monster: Berkley: They don’t know. They can’t know. Nothing can connect me to him. Nothing but blood. Then came the hushed whispers and hidden smirks. I’ve been this girl before. I won’t be her again. The daughter of a monster. Jericho Priest appears as my savior, an escape to another world. One where no one knows the darkness running through my veins. But no matter where I hide, my past haunts me. I thought I’d found sanctuary, a solace from my nightmare. But it was only the beginning.

Searching For Hope: Hope: I don’t think about who I was before. I can’t. It hurts too much. I’ve been broken and used and sold. And now I’m locked away, waiting for the unknown. For a while I held onto the hope of rescue. But white knights exist only in fairy tales. Shining armor is nothing more than an illusion. And guardian angels can lose their wings. Hope can be beautiful. But it can also be cruel.


Among The Sins Of My Father:  Jericho: There was only one reason I wanted Berkley. Vengeance. She was nothing more than something to be used. A tool to exact my revenge. My role was to be the villain in her life. Not the savior. But I wasn’t prepared for her. And she ruined everything. She wasn’t supposed to get under my skin. But she did. Then she consumed me. And now, when I think about my future there is an image in my mind. It’s of Berkley. She’s everywhere. She’s permeated every aspect of my life. And I will kill anyone who keeps her from me. * Reader discretion is advised as this story contains dark scenes.

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