Biker Dragons by Lilly Wilder


It only took two dragons to wreck my life. As if one wasn’t enough.

I know the truth.
Dragons don’t protect us.
They just destroy; I’ve seen it first hand.

That’s what led me here, in the middle of two hot alpha males that think I need them.
I don’t, or at least I wish I didn’t.

They’ve always been in my life, leaving me with a devastating childhood but I’m not about to let them destroy what’s left of my life.
After I have my revenge on this small town and avenge my parents’ death, I won’t look back.

Yet I’m drawn to them, these damn shifters that are intent on making me their mate.
Everytime I think I can leave them behind, we end up burning the bedroom up.
I have to wonder, if we keep it up, will we set the world on fire next?
Do I want to?

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