Bewitched by Elizabeth Rose


Can love conquer the darkness to let the light shine through?

Rhys Blackseed is a knight favored by the king of Kasculbough in the land of Mura. When a portal opens and two women and a dragon come through, his orders are to kill them. Magic is prohibited on Mura. Three kings fight for total control. Rhys is loyal to his king, but how can he kill the beautiful witch named Medea when all he really wants to do is kiss her?

Rhys holds and hides the power of extreme strength, however, all the strength in the world isn’t enough to fight off dark magic or a dragon. Others warn him against Medea, but he’s seen a spark inside her that he believes he can turn into a flame. The race is on to capture the dragon and send it and the witches back through the portal before all of Mura is doomed. In order to do this, Rhys must first convince the witch that she really wants to leave, when all he desires is for her to stay.

Medea de Bar is the daughter of an evil witch, and born from both dark and light magic. After the death of her mother, a struggle inside her has kept her isolated from her family. She has never known happiness, and her biggest fear is to live her life alone. Medea is reckless and bored, and decides one day to steal a dragon for a ride. Things don’t go as planned, and she ends up with her sister, Rapunzel, and the dragon, entering a portal to another land. Will this be where she finds her happiness, with the handsome knight named Sir Rhys? Or will the uncontrollable darkness within her only bring about death, destruction, and doom once again?

With love as a contestant in a race against dark magic, only the strongest will win.

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