Betrayed by Renee Dahlia


When is a secret baby not a secret? Can you forgive a teenage mistake?

The last person Esther was expecting to see naked in a hotel lobby was Jordan, the father of her eight-year-old daughter Ashia. She had so many questions. Why was he naked in the hotel lobby? When had he become so sexy? Had he even tried to find her after her parents kicked her out of home for being pregnant? And would he ever forgive her for how she’d used him?

Being back in Sydney after nine years away wasn’t great for Jordan. There were too many memories, too much hurt, and now he’d been locked out of his hotel room. Naked. Throw in a surprise meeting with his former best friend, Esther, and he wanted to run away all over again. A new chemistry flashes between them, and when he discovers that he’s a father to an eight-year-old girl, he rearranges his life to meet her.

Can they move beyond the secret that binds them together and create a future with their deaf daughter?

A second chance, secret baby, romance with a twist and a guaranteed HEA.

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