Bet on Me by Nika Stone


Pulling off a fake wedding in Vegas? Easy. Catching real feelings for your fake fiancé? That’s complicated…

My friends know I’ll do anything to help them out of a jam. As a busy camerawoman/producer, I’ve pulled stunts you wouldn’t believe. Faking a marriage, though, might be the biggest stunt of all. Especially since my pretend fiancé is my very real lifelong crush, Doctor Nik Shah.

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there. So why am I suddenly facing down a crew of nosy aunts, concerned parents and a pair of TV reporters who won’t stop talking about our ‘wedding?’ And why does it suddenly seem like my sexy faux beau wants to put a ring on it for real?

It feels crazy to take a chance on a handsome doc who’s never stuck around long enough to get serious before. I don’t know if I’m ready to risk this heartbreak. Can we beat the odds and turn our ruse into something real? Or is the deck too stacked against us for this to last?

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