Besotted by Madison Michael


Play it Safe or Play for Keeps?

Risk her or risk losing her. He must choose.
When Tyler Winthrop fell for his best friend’s sister, he knew it was for life. And he told her so, promising to love her forever. Then he made a mistake, one that’s hounded him for twenty years, threatening his family, and driving a wedge between him and the woman he loves. He’s kept her at arm’s length and safe, resisting his desire. But now another man’s about to steal her away.

Risk home or risk love. She must choose
Regan Howe is hard-working, Harvard educated and CEO of the powerful Lyons Howe Real Estate empire, a position she ventured everything to achieve. Her life would be perfect with a loving husband, a role she assumed would be played by her brother’s best friend. But Tyler promised her the world then walked away.

Does he offer everything or cost her everything?
Brandon Hockney’s star is on the rise. A charismatic U.S. Senator, with eyes on the White House, he is offering Regan marriage, at a price. She must forfeit her achievements and any lingering feelings for Tyler, to move to D.C. as half of America’s newest power couple. Needing to evaluate the situation, Regan buys time by placing Tyler in her CEO job while she weighs her options.

When Danger Looms, will they choose love?
Regan and Tyler have everything life has to offer, except each other. With the clock ticking, will Tyler expose his past to follow his heart? Will Regan choose Tyler and his and broken promises, or forfeit all she’s achieved for a fresh start? How can they choose when they’re besotted?

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