Benched by the Nanny by Zoe Beth Geller


“Divorces are messy and with kids, the mess never seems to get cleaned up.” Simon.

Disturbed by my body’s traitorous response to him, I search the cabinets for cookies. What is wrong with me? I’m not a binge eater. Rummaging further, I find animal crackers, teething crackers. No chocolate.

“Want these?” He hands me an expensive bag of chocolate chip cookies he pulls from the storage area over the fridge.

“Oh, yes! Thank you.” I reach to take the bag. He pulls it back, teasing me. Given the fact he towers over me, I pause. Then I reach for the bag again. This time I make contact with not only the bag but our fingers. He did it on purpose and I’m miffed at the rapid-fire that warms my fingers and hand. The hair on my neck stiffens like a breeze blew by.
Da** him. I didn’t anticipate him testing me, or was it just him being a tease? Is this something he would do with a hockey buddy? Anxiety wells in my chest wondering if there is a meaning behind his move or is it just a guy thing? I pull back pretending the incidental touch is nothing.

Benched by the Nanny is a steamy single dad faced with the forced proximity of his new employee where he learns it’s never too late to find redemption. The team continues their season in book 3 of the Maine Maulers series. Experience all the feels in this romance with a guaranteed happily even after. The series is best if read in order.

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