Belonging to Her Soldier by Penelope Wylde



Cold, hard, calculating and works great under pressure is how I’m known among the men in my unit. Army life has always suited me. It’s in my blood and goes back several generations.

What isn’t in my blood is white picket fences and words like forever and love. Taking action and following my gut are two things that have kept me alive so far. But with my curvy know-it-all professor I’m doubting the gut reaction to take her and make her mine before it’s too late. Until the take action part kicks in, that is.




Dealing with rough soldiers day in and day out is just part of my life as a college professor. I hardly notice them as I go about my job.

But I notice him. Ellis Ford. Every hard inch of him is seared into my brain. I’ve told him no countless times. That crossing the line is forbidden between professor and student. But I can’t ignore the electric feeling between us when we touch or the growing need to have him close. But if this is going to happen, it will be under my terms. Or at least I try, but the commanding soldier who kisses me like the world is on fire works to prove me wrong.

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