Begin Again by Callie Timmins


Unfinished business doesn’t mean I’m ready to try again.

Ten years on, and I still haven’t forgotten the most humiliating moment of my life. Being stood up for prom by the gorgeous linebacker, Austin Barlow, is not something one easily forgets.

But I’ve moved on, for the most part. Kind of.

When our ten-year high school reunion rolls around, I’m reluctant to go. After all, what did I ever have in common with anyone who graced the halls of Clear Lake High? I was the tall, geeky wallflower who never fit in. Admittedly, I’m no longer that girl. But I still don’t want to spend time schmoozing with, or trying to prove myself to my former classmates. I’m only going because my BFF begs me. I’m certainly not interested in listening to my alumni boast about how successful they are now. And although I’ve moved on from my first crush, I’m certainly not curious to know if Austin Barlow will be there. I definitely don’t want to know if he’s better looking now than he was a decade ago. Or maybe, I am a little curious. Maybe Austin is an itch that needs scratching. Especially when there’s unfinished business between us.

Begin Again is part of the Sweet Treats series – small town, bite-sized romances to binge on – each with a bonus recipe!

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