Before the Cursed Beast by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple


Sometimes our happily ever after isn’t what we expect.

My name is Salome, and I’ve lived with my magician guardian my whole life. Yet when my magical skills begin to emerge and appear more powerful than his own, his jealousy knows no bounds. He seeks to hide me away and banished me to the kitchens until he has a need for me.

In exchange for the opportunity to study under him once more, he makes me an offer – that I put a vague curse on a spoiled boy-king. If I do this, then I can once again resume my place by his side.

Only, the curse isn’t what I thought it would be. It is darker, more dire, and I hate that I am the cause of this handsome king’s misery. Instead of working joyfully beside my guardian, I vow to learn all I can, so that one day I might remove the king’s curse.

I do this out of guilt, but I also do it because I have fallen madly in love with this once-spoiled king. His kinder nature belies his beastly form. With his wolfish grin and gentle paws, he has stolen my heart. I will do anything to set him free from this curse. Anything.

I just need to keep this promise a secret from my guardian . . .

Or do I?

Discover this Beauty and the Beast fairy tale retelling today!

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