Beef Cake by Kelsie Calloway


Everleigh wants a man that can keep her warm at night.

I like my men real thick and juicy, not to mention twice my age. Nolan is my best friend’s dad and everything I want in a man. His wife left him two years ago, but he hasn’t let that bring him down. He might have packed on a few pounds, but Nolan rocks the dad bod.

Everleigh is far too young and innocent for the likes of me. There’s no doubt about it: I need to keep my hands off of her. But if my son’s best friend doesn’t stop flashing me those ‘come hither’ eyes, she’s going to get all of me and more.

Welcome to Bourbon Peak, Colorado where scandal, gossip, and affairs are an everyday occurrence—aka not for the faint of heart. Grab a glass of whiskey, babe, because these books are best served with a cocktail.

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