Beauty & The Quarterback by Ava Woods


It’d take a Hail Mary for love to score between these two …

Prescott Reeves. Just his name throws me back to my less fortunate years of high school where “Doughy Zoe” was the only name I was known by.

Fast forward fifteen years and people now know me as Zoe Peters, Sports Caster, the take-no-shit on-camera dynamite – a name I’m beyond proud of.

Now, a chance run in with Prescott’s son might score me an elusive interview with the cocky Quarterback himself. One that could launch my career to the next level.

But an interview with my long-standing enemy proves harder than expected. After all, in showing how much I’ve grown despite his torment, I might see just how much he’s grown, too …


Zoe Peters has filled my career with snarky criticism and unsavory commentary. The most popular, and damn sexy Sports Caster has everyone but me wrapped around her finger.

The woman does me no favors. So the last person I expect to see helping my son is her. Turns out she understands him in a way I never have. And all she wants as a thank you is an exclusive, all-access interview.

‘How much harm could one interview do’ is quickly turning into my famous last words. Especially when it’s not just my son’s heart on the line … it’s also mine.

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