Beasts of Time by Katy Hunter


Jack Brown isn’t considering ethics when he travels back in time to visit his wife before she even met him. He’s simply a grieving husband with too much whisky in his system and a heart so broken he can hardly breathe.

Emma Cook, a student and part-time barmaid, has never considered herself to be anything special. That is until she saves a handsome customer from a knife fight and finds herself waking up twenty years in the past.

Lady Amelia has a mission and she needs Pol’s help to complete it. As long as she doesn’t fall in love with him, everything should go to plan.

When Pol is propelled into 2007, and into the arms of a beautiful, heartbroken woman, he needs to figure out his role in this new world and decide whether he can ever love again.

Over four centuries, these four people are intrinsically linked to each other. Beasts of time is a love story that defies logic, delves into France’s most puzzling historical mystery, and forces you to ask yourself…

Am I Team Jack or Team Pol?

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