Bear Creek Cowboys Boxed Set by Amy L. Gale


Saddle up and head out to the rodeo. Meet Bear Creek Cowboys, Luke Reno and Casey Jennings. These tough as nails bad boys are riding their way to the top of the PCRA circuit and melting hearts along the way.


Book 1- Resisting the Cowboy: Saddle bronc rider Luke Reno is taking the PRCA by storm, until he’s thrown off of a horse ending up unconscious. Straight-laced doctor Daisy Blackwell avoids taking unnecessary risks, both in and out of the Bear Creek Community hospital. When Luke regains consciousness in the ER and saves Daisy from an attack by an unstable patient, she finds herself agreeing to dinner but never expects the feelings that follow. When she finds out about Luke’s dangerous occupation her instincts want her to run but her heart has other plans.


Book 2- How to Date a Cowboy: Promoter Kayla Barnes just scored her first real job, creating buzz for the Bear Creek Rodeo. Looking to make a name for herself and increase attendance numbers like never before, she talks the star bull rider, Casey Jennings, into being the prize in her biggest contest yet. One lucky winner gets a date with Casey, but as they work out the details and grow closer Kayla realizes she wants to be the number one contestant.

Book 3- Betting on the Cowboy: ER doctor Daisy Blackwell never dreamed she’d fall for a saddle bronc rider or be running from a hitman. After relocating from New York City to small town Texas to escape her past, it has caught up with her in Sin City. Luke Reno is riding his way to the top. A win in the rodeo finals will make him the number one saddle bronc rider in the world, but there’s more riding on the competition than a title…his life. When an argument at a craps table pulls him into a confrontation with a mob boss, Luke makes a deal. Bet on Luke to win the rodeo finals and collect a big payoff. But everything changes when hitmen from New York find Daisy and the Las Vegas mob. Will Luke and Daisy beat the odds and make it out of Las Vegas unscathed or are they destined to become another casualty of Sin City.

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