Bastard Lairds by Cassidy Cayman


Riley Marshall is about to get the life she’s always wanted. She just landed her dream job in a glamorous big city. She’ll be making enough money to rescue her younger sister from her toxic living situation. And after ten long years, she might finally get closure on a childhood trauma and leave it in the past where it belongs.
Until she feels strange tremors under the earth and hallucinates a giant castle that can’t possibly exist.
Except it does exist, and now Riley’s life is about to become the complete opposite of what she’s always wanted.

Callum Brodie is trying to keep his land and family safe while his ailing father waffles over who his successor will be. Callum is certain he’ll be named the next Laird of Clan Brodie if he keeps doing what’s asked of him and doing it well.
And if his jealous brothers don’t murder him. It’s all getting to be a bit much, honestly.
But when a strange and beautiful woman appears in his courtyard, he decides he can make a little time for her. What’s one more thing added to his long list of responsibilities?

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