Bariloche Sector by Lexi C. Foss


Life is a series of prisons. And in the end, there’s only death.

Kari Zamora: My father enslaved me. Ruined me. Sold me. Left me to suffer. Until he rescued me. Alpha Sven Mickelson of Norse Sector claims to be my savior, to want me to live, and vows to protect me. But I know Alphas can’t be trusted. All he wants is my mating bond. To own me. To make me his. No one cares what I want. But they will. Because I have a plan. One no one will see coming. And by the time they realize I’m gone, it’ll be too late to chase me.

Sven Mickelson: My destiny is to lead. To own. To possess. I’m an Alpha of significant birthright, and I’m ready to claim what’s mine. Except she continues to deny me.  Omega Kari is broken. Destroyed. A female shredded apart by those she trusted most. And I’m the only one who can piece her back together. If she lets me. She thinks I’m blind to her conniving ways, but I sense the fighter lurking beneath her fur. I’m daring her to come out to play. Because when she does, I’ll finally be able to stake my claim. So go on, then, little wolf. Try to run. I won’t be far behind. And together, we’ll burn Bariloche Sector to the ground.

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