Banks by Shaw Hart


Banks Mitchell has a dirty little secret.

He’s in love with his new next door neighbor.

Palmer Calter is everything that he wants in a woman. She’s gorgeous, insanely smart, and hilarious.

There’s just one problem.

She’s too young for him.

I mean, she just graduated from high school for goodness sake.

He knows that he should just let go and move on, but how can he when she keeps showing up and looking at him like he’s the best thing that she’s ever seen?

When he sees some rich prick sniffing around her, he knows that he has to make a choice. Should he claim his curvy girl or let her go and try to move on?

Will pursuing Palmer ruin everything? Or will he finally get the happily ever after that he’s been dreaming about ever since he first laid eyes on her?

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New Adult

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