Bad Idea Billionaires Box Set Books 1-3 by Daniella Brodsky


With three billionaire book boyfriends this hot, who will you choose?
The billionaire boss in need of a fake girlfriend?
The billionaire surf tycoon widower?


The off-limits billionaire older man?

The first time I saw him, another woman threw a drink in his face.
That should have been my sign to run.
As if I needed another one, he also turns out to be my boss.
Who asks me to be his fake fiancée…

I shouldn’t want Finn Wheatley.
But I do.
And bad.

Two years after his wife’s death, Australian Billionaire Finn Wheatley finds himself catching me as I literally fall from his desk into his arms.

The stuff of fairytales, no?
No. Because he’s so not ready to move on.
Only I don’t know that.

Start with an Aussie billionaire silver fox boss who doesn’t think he deserves love.
Add one penniless, off-limits woman ten years his junior.
What do you get? A surprise pregnancy that binds them together.

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