Bad Blood Panther by Anastasia Wilde


His former best friend is begging for Xander’s protection.

He can’t help her. He can’t even help himself.

Ever since he was Turned by his ex-girlfriend, Xander and his panther have been one homicidal rage from having to be put down. Now his only goal is to leave his beloved crew before they’re the ones that have to do it.

Jenny will do anything to keep her baby son out of the hands of the Broken Hill Clan, who want to raise him to be a killer. Her last hope is to beg protection from her old friend Xander, the wildest of the notorious Bad Blood Crew—and the man who broke her heart.

But Jenny’s keeping secrets—secrets that can rip Xander’s life to pieces all over again. Can Jenny trust Xander with everything? And can he become the mate she needs, before the Broken Hill Clan destroys everything they love?

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