Back To You by JLynn Autumn


Lucy’s life is a rollercoaster—the highs are epic; the journey to the top is exciting; the drop varies from a little scary to downright terrifying; and the bottom is a soul-crushing disappointment. Her rollercoaster life is easier with someone who will hold her through the scary parts.

Tony’s the only person who has ever loved all of her scary parts. Life is easier with Tony and he’d never do anything to hurt her, but her mind messes with her and makes her doubt everything about herself, him, and their relationship. For over four years, he woke up every day and fought for them. No matter how many times she slipped and fell into old habits, he fought. Nine months ago, Lucy walked out and that time, Tony didn’t chase her—he let her leave. Now, it’s Lucy’s turn to fight for them. She’s determined to do it and hopefully it’s not too late.

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Contemporary Romance

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