Axle by Lena Bourne


Mia: We found love in high school. He a football star, me a cheerleader. It began as a wholesome, all-American happily ever after story. Not how it ended. I wanted a career fighting crime, he was determined to join an outlaw biker gang. We had no future so I let him go. Now, almost twenty years later, I’m back in my hometown, helping my mom close down her business. I thought enough time had passed to see him again, catch up, talk about old times. I was wrong. The love we shared still burns. But the obstacles are still unsurmountable too.

Axle: Twenty years ago she broke my heart. Since then, I devoted my life to fixing cars and my MC. I never thought I’d see her again. Now she’s back, with all my feelings for her in tow. Feelings I thought I killed and buried a long time ago. But she’s a public prosecutor and I’m an outlaw biker. The two don’t mix. The trouble is, I can’t let her go a second time. I won’t.

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