Ash and Snow by Silvana G. Sánchez


You thought Snow White was the victim…

Maleath Snow is on the run. The King is dead, and the Evil Queen is not at all pleased.
When the King met his end, Snow’s conviction never wavered, for the times are dark and justice must be stolen.

Now the Evil Queen must die too.
To reclaim the White Throne, Snow will need the help of The Seven, a posse of mercenary Mages with a secret hideout in the woods. Her search will lead her to meet Ashton Thorne, Prince and heir of the kingdom of Thorn Hall.

Together, Snow, Ash, and The Seven will embark on a dangerous adventure to defeat the Evil Queen.
As the last flame of hope is extinguished, darkness calls for desperate measures to be taken.

Will Snow’s claim to the White Throne prevail?

Dark fantasy, steamy shifter romance, and magical mayhem clash in this thrilling fast-paced Snow White retelling!


*Releases October 25, 2022*

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