Arachne by C.D. Gorri


This Spider Shifter is about to get caught in a web of love!

The owner of the Underworld’s premier boutique, Metamorphosis, is too busy to find a boyfriend. But when the Goddess of Love decides to fix her up, what choice does she have? It’s off to a round of speed dating for the sassy Spider Shifter. But Arachne has her misgivings. After all, who could love an eight-legged freak like her?

Everyone knows Griffin Jara is the most lethal legate in the Daemonium Guard. When his boss calls him in with a special request, Griff just can’t say no. But how can he attend the Underworld Cafe’s Wednesday night speed dating event when he can’t get close enough to a female to touch her? It’s a problem. And one he can’t solve alone. Luckily, his boss knows just who to call.

Can the half-Demon and the spider queen work together in this steamy paranormal romance tale?

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