Animal Attraction by Kameron Claire


Four-legged hijinks aside, they help our heroes find happily ever-after…

This is a collection of previously released steamy, short contemporary romance, complete with instalove and a guaranteed happily ever-after. If you’re looking for a great lunchtime read, or something to spark sexy dreams before bed, you’ll want to pick this one up.


Lucky Dog: Jericho: I’m used to people giving me and my dog wide berth, considering nothing about our appearance is unnerving. We’re both big, strong, and give the impression we’re looking for trouble, even when we’re not. So, when a gorgeous redhead baby-talks the beast between my legs—the Rottweiler—of course, I’m intrigued.Callie: I love dogs and know some of the biggest and toughest looking are really snuggly teddy bears. But when I get a look at the guy, this beautiful Rottweiler is walking—yes, she’s walking him—I wonder if the master is as snuggly as his four-legged fur baby.


Frisky Kitty: Gideon: I just got my butt kicked by a seven-pound alley cat. I’m bleeding and holding claws of fury hostage in a tablecloth while we wait for the vet—a woman who takes my breath away when she enters the room. I’m thinking the bloody scratches are worth the “doctoring” I’m hoping she’ll give me. Stephanie: I’ve seen a lot come through my office, but when a battle worn beefcake takes my direction and gently nurses the newborn kittens of the feral cat who just kicked his butt, I wonder if he would be as gentle with me?


Puppy Love: Kirian: It’s been three weeks since my new neighbor moved into the adjoining duplex. Three weeks of hearing a woman I’ve yet to see conjure up fantasies with her phone sex job, and of a howling demon dog who makes noise morning, noon, and night. I’m ready to give her a piece of my mind, except she isn’t what I expect, and one look at her spilling out of her tank top erases all of my complaints except one—if she’s going to cause me to lose sleep, I have a much better idea on how to we can do that. Jamie: I’m a PTSD counselor—not a sex phone operator as my neighbor accuses—and I’d be a lot more pissed off if he wasn’t standing there, near naked, in the form of some mythical Nordic god. And the fact that my puppy has sided with him isn’t helping me stomp away in a huff, either. Should I trust my puppy’s instincts and give this guy a second chance at a first impression?


Rescue Me: Dorian: I’ve wanted to adopt a dog for the last year, but I believe a dog—much like a girlfriend—should come into my life naturally, not via an app designed like a dating service. So, you can imagine my surprise when I meet the woman of my dreams who not only fosters the dog I want to rescue, but wrote the date like ads. Can I convince her to rescue me like she’s rescued the adorable fur kids that brought us together?* Cersei: I’m a romance author as well as a foster mom, so my adoption ads get some inappropriate inquiries that have nothing to do with the dogs, but I can’t ignore the response from the hot guy with the sparkly blue eyes who seems like the perfect adopter. After we meet I’m wondering if he’s also perfect for me, and if he could be the guy to give this romance author her happily ever-after?

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