An Unexpected Bride to Adore by Emberly Hart


The Bridal Train is Grace Nelson’s ticket to a new life. After losing her home and everyone she loves, her only recourse is to marry. Now that she’s arrived in Kansas, she is thrilled to learn that her groom has a prestigious job as the deputy sheriff. But the wedding can’t go on as planned—because he’s been dead for two days.

Sheriff Brock Bell doesn’t know what else could go wrong this month. Between the stagecoach and train robberies and being down a deputy, the last thing he needs are more complications. So when a woman arrives in his office in tears, claiming she was his late deputy’s bride-to-be, he’s determined to get rid of her as quick as possible. But as it becomes clear the vulnerable woman’s about to get snatched up by the wrong type of man, what choice does Brock have but to marry her himself?

Grace is thrown right into life as the sheriff’s wife—hobnobbing with society ladies, trying to learn her busy husband’s idiosyncrasies… and fishing bullets out of the big oaf? Brock isn’t quite sure what to do with Grace, but she sure does have the prettiest eyes this side of the Mississippi and a sharp tongue to challenge him at every turn. Only when she voices her opinion about how to stop the notorious bandits in town, Brock considers locking her in the house. Or maybe he should just kiss her until she’s quiet?

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