An Outlawed Heiress & Her Duke by Denise Daye


In this passionate tale set in Victorian America, a courageous woman must find her way through uncertainty and loss to find the strength to reclaim her family’s fortune and love again.

Twenty-year-old Esther Silverton has nobody left to trust. With her oil tycoon father’s sudden passing and the torch thrust into her hands, she’s terrified his villainous business partner will ensure she won’t survive the two-year wait for her inheritance. To avoid a bullseye on her back, she’s forced into poverty disguised as a man on New York’s dangerous streets. Close to starvation, her chance to reclaim her fortune takes a positive turn when she talks a dashing British aristocrat into hiring her as a male guide for his trip into the lawless Wild West.

George Astley, Duke of Aberdeen, sits on the brink of ruin. Trapped in what feels like the worst year of his life, he’s desperately trying to recoup his investment in a gold mine in the American Frontier. As if the collapse of his prestigious estate wasn’t bad enough, now he’s completely confused by his growing feelings for the cunning travel guide that he doesn’t realize is a girl…

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