An Imperfect Christmas With Love by Shaniel Watson


Wanting it all can cost you everything.

Against all odds, Nicholas Alexander finally has everything he wants—the woman he loves as his wife and their perfect, healthy son.

Catherine Reed, now Alexander, is blissfully happy married to her childhood crush and caring for their beautiful baby boy, Jace, who’s as stubborn and strong-willed as his father. It’s all she ever dreamed of, but one thing is missing: her family.

Determined to heal from the past and give Jace the extended family she feels he deserves, Cat works hard to reconcile with her relatives, spending time getting reacquainted and mending fences. But Nicholas can’t just forgive and forget what her family almost cost them. He wants Cat and Jace to be safe and he wants to keep them to himself. He also yearns for another child, but Cat’s focus is elsewhere.

A storm is brewing between them. Will they be able to weather it together or will Cat’s desire to have it all cost them what they already have?

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