Always with You by Evey Lyon


Leo Hart is the billionaire who has no qualms about moving himself into his frenemy’s house after discovering she had his baby…

I’m back after an 18-month absence. Persistence, determination, and getting what I want are what I’m used to. And now that I’m CEO, I’m ready to conquer it all. But it turns out my biggest challenge isn’t in the boardroom.

It’s the surprise son I didn’t even know I have… with Jess.

We were at each other’s throats for years, except that one time when we aimed a little lower. Jess is adamant we stick to co-parenting only. But when we agree to temporarily live together so I can bond with our son, I decide to use my CEO tactics to persuade my favorite redhead to upgrade our frenemy co-parenting titles to something more. She’s strong-willed and drives on the side of caution, but I’m confident that she and I—well, we were always going to end up together.

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