Always With Me by Kristin Lee


Forgive and forget? Not a chance. He left me alone but now, he’s taking what has always been his—me.

Brandon was my first love. My only love. Yeah, I was a hopeless romantic (and an idiot).

Thank God, the cocky, college guy didn’t get my V-card.
Just my heart. Priorities, right?

Years later, I still won’t let him in. Not after he wrecked me that night and shattered my romantic heart into pieces. Seeing his betrayal was one thing but feeling it was another.

But Brandon offers me the one thing he knows I can’t refuse…horses to train. I will be strong. I won’t let him mend the broken trust—the broken love.

I’m older. Wiser. And so is he. Sometimes sprinting towards the finish line isn’t the right course of action. Maybe we need to take the long route. Will giving us a second chance at love and intimacy land us in the winner’s circle?

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