Always a Bridesmaid by Dee Ellis


Rian Dexter gave up on love four weddings ago. Selling forever to men and women as a jewelry designer has lost its sparkle. Once upon a time it was romantic and exciting. Until they began to look the same—a beautiful blushing bride, handsome groom, and her designs riding off into the sunset together.

Despite her disenchantment, another day brings another wedding with another sparkling promise of forever for someone else.

Except Roman Thorn has no desire to marry the woman he’s buying a ring for. Arranged marriages are still done and he made a promise. One he wants to break the moment he lays eyes on Rian. Bright, beautiful, and bold she’s the first woman he’s ever wanted to get on his knees for. Now the only future he wants to plan is one where she’s the bride he walks down the aisle to marry. Roman is a man of his word—and though he promised to marry someone he felt nothing for, he will break that word to marry the woman who makes him feel everything.

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