Alpha Protectors: Paranormal Romance Box Set


The shifters want to claim me.

In the past, I wasn’t good enough.
But now the shifters are eager to make me theirs.

I used to be an outsider.
Now, suddenly everyone wants a piece of me.
The shifters circle me, promising me protection.

I never thought I could feel anything else for them but disdain.
Yet all too soon, my body starts responding to them.
My hormones go wild.

Rippling muscles.
Penetrating eyes.
Strong arms.

I can no longer resist them.
Together, they unleash a well of passion within me that I never knew existed.

I should run before they get tired of me and break my heart.
But every time I think I can leave them behind, we end up burning the bedroom up.

I have to wonder, if we keep it up, will we set the world on fire next?
Do I want to?

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