Alpha Marked by Alice Wilde


I’ve been moon marked, and fated to three mates … Men who think I’m a killer nonetheless.

Blindsided by the results of the Mating Games and the chaos that ensued, I’ve suddenly lost everything I’ve ever known.

Not only does my pack think I’m a murderer, but they’ve made it clear that I’m no longer welcome at home.

Outcast and grieving, I have little choice but to accept my new fated mates’ help.

At least, until the decide what to do with me.

Now, I have to find a way to make them trust me before it’s too late to save the werewolf packs from obliteration … Especially once we discover what’s behind the chaos.

But how am I supposed to save my pack when my fated mates believe I’m a murderer and our bond is a mistake?

And who’s really behind all of this death and destruction?

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