Alpha Baby by Penelope Wylde


WILD, smutty romance awaits you inside! Binge read this limited-time collection of eight books featuring sexy cowboys, possessive bodyguards, kissable billionaires, filthy-talking mafia men. You’ll find in this collection:

Mr. Mafia Billionaire – Lonely mafia princess with too many daddy issues seeking nice guy next door, but get’s a dirty, possessive mafia man instead.

Hard Riding – Big boots, hard-muscled, strong arms and a deliciously thick…you know what I mean.

Guarding Their Valentine – Two bodyguards were hired to protect me, not take me into their bed for hot Valentine’s Day hookup sex. But fate has other plans.

Eating Kandy – Pumpkin pie, fireplace snuggles and all the whipped cream you can handle await you inside. He’s the Marine and she’s the sweet virgin treat welcoming him home.

Knocked Up by the Rockstar – His music feeds her soul, but his hands and lips claim everything else.

Rocked Deep – Sand, sun, and tropical storms throw Jude and Peyton together in ways that will make your Kindle melt! He’s all alpha and she’s more than he bargained for. Get ready for naughty island fling where the Rockstar claims his best friend’s little sister!

Doctor Babymaker – He’s the brother’s best friend she never could get over and she’s the young, innocent dancer who never could take defeat. You’re right, this is going to be a filthy doctor-patient fantasy, but it’s so much more!

Dirty Little Blackmailer – Dirty Little Blackmailer is a tantalizing enemies-to-lovers, second chance romance filled with ex-sex, a revenge plot that leads to blackmail, filthy, inappropriate public sex and a flower show.

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