All For You by Weston Parker


The hottest guy in our hometown just returned, and the military did him good.

They always say you haunt the places that feel most like home.

That’s the water for me. It reminds me of my dad.

But I’m terrified to go out on any boats—even the ones we build.

All is well until the bossy older brother of my BFF joins the company.

I design the boats and this hunk hires the rough guys that build them.

Back in the day, he was the finest thing on two legs, and honestly, not much has changed.

He’s haunted by his time in the service, and I find myself wanting to soothe him, to save him more than I should.

Now if we could just quit bumping heads at work.

I’m hell on wheels and I do things my way, and this guy thinks it’s cute.

I’ll show him cute!

When he starts to pull away to protect me from the shadows that hang around his pain, I press in harder.

I’m not sure if I’m here to save him or if he’s here to free me, but I’m fighting for a hidden long-time love.

And I’m not letting up until he’s mine.

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