All Access by Liberty Kontranowski


Every fangirl has a fantasy. What happens when that “if only” dream comes true?

Kallie Reagan is a divorced mom in Smalltown, USA, who does what every other rational woman does in her spare time: she writes a romance novel starring the real-life rock star who dominates her every fangirl fantasy. (And a good chunk of her waking thoughts, too.)

Niles Russell is blown away that someone would write a book about him. It’s too intriguing not to investigate. So he does the unimaginable: he reaches out to the author . . . and tells her he wants to meet her.

After five seconds in the same room together, sparks are flying (albeit awkwardly), and a surprising connection is made. But how can a “normal” girl get her never-in-her-wildest-dreams happily-ever-after? Especially with ALL the odds stacked against them…

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