Agent of Chaos by Janet Walden-West


Liv: I have to be perfect. Perfect agent. Perfect Commanding Officer. Follow every rule to the letter, since HQ already expects my new ragtag team to crash and burn. With the cryptid situation pushing my bare-bones team to its limits, I don’t need a stray civilian whose goal seems to be getting himself killed on my watch. Marshall throws himself between people and danger like his life doesn’t matter. Except, for some reason, he matters to me. Even if the giant redhead’s touch reminds me I’m more than my Command position, how can I risk his life and my team’s chance at success just for the sake of my happiness?

Marshall: All I ever do is screw up. With jobs. With people. Especially with people. Definitely with the crazy-beautiful superhero-soldier who takes down my vampire boss—who, no, I didn’t know was a vampire. Ending up in her custody, at a secret base full of other perfect super-soldiers? Custom-made opportunity for me to mess something up. But Liv sees through my weirdness to the real me. Now, I’ve gotta show her rules are made to be broken and that while she’s protecting everyone else, I’ll be protecting her. This time, screwing up isn’t an option.

Trained from birth to defend humanity, the members of Company Alpha Cryptid Containment are the best of the best at what they do–protecting Region Two from that which goes bump in the night. But protecting their hearts? That’s a whole different story.

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