Agent Down by Janet Walden-West


Bargaining with the enemy always has a cost—and mine has come due.

Vee: Remember that way arrogant, way famous chef I rescued? Turns out, he’s my soulmate. Despite Bruce’s lack of a filter, he’s actually fitting into Region Two’s rhythm—cryptids stalking the city, my team stalking the cryptids. My sisters mining our fav rom-coms for tips on meeting my civilian boyfriend’s parents. So we’re blindsided when hit by a tragedy even Company resources can’t combat, one threatening to shatter the team and my heart. Until I accidentally uncover an ultra-classified potential miracle. What the research points me to requires betraying the Company, my team, everything that makes me—me. But if this deal with the devil saves Bruce? I’m okay with the sacrifice.

Bruce: We’d fought a different kind of battle and damn well earned our fairy tale ending. Except there were things Vee didn’t tell me. That there was a price for saving my life. That Vee’s the one who has to pay. When the Company discovers what she’s done, the verdict is treason, the punishment, death. They’re about to meet Bruce the Bastard though and no power—human, government, or cryptid—can keep me from rescuing Vee.

Trained from birth to defend humanity, the members of Company Alpha Cryptid Containment are the best of the best at what they do–protecting Region Two from that which goes bump in the night.
But protecting their hearts? That’s a whole other story.

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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