Agent Alone: Region Two Series by Janet Walden-West



Keeping paranormal cryptid existence on the down-low and protecting the public—even a certain particularly sexy member—is my jam.

Associating with civilians, not so much. But when I accidentally tag-team with the hottest, grumpiest woman I’ve ever rescued? McKenna Cabello has me thinking about hands-on research, a win-win sitch since I gotta keep her from accidentally exposing my black ops organization. Her record says she’s a criminal, but the more time I spend with her, the harder that is to believe.



I can’t afford distractions.

As Enforcer, my job is security for the most brutal gunrunner in the Gulf. The job most likely to get me killed though? Ensuring my ATF task force is set to take down the entire cartel.

Things go sideways when a freak-monster kills a key player, and a lethal cinnamon-roll with a hero complex keeps interfering with my sting. Ridge Prescott is six feet plus of muscles, corny jokes, and the unnerving ability to look past my street soldier shell.


But getting involved with me? That could be his most dangerous mistake yet.

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