Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Gay Age Gap Romance Box Set


You don’t know what real love is till you’re with a real man.
I’m tired of being with boys my age.
Older men know how to satisfy all my urges.

If you love steamy gay romances, grab this complete 3-book Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number Box Set.
In this collection you will find:

The New Bad Boy In Town
I knew from the start that I needed to avoid Cody Benton.
But he was everywhere on the construction site, making my life difficult.
There was a strong physical attraction between us, and I could see he didn’t know how to deal with it.
I couldn’t lie to myself about what I felt for him.
Even if it was dangerous.
I thought I could handle Cody.
But I was wrong.

Dear Professor
An unexpected connection with a student begins an uphill battle of self-discovery for me with serious consequences.
When Morgan came into my life, my world was turned upside down.
Coming to terms with my feelings for Morgan was the easy part.
It was facing the world, afterward that I struggled with.

My Protector
After I witnessed a terrible crime, finding myself being hunted and on the run, I met… him.
I met the man meant to protect me, at least fifteen years older than me, meant to shelter me from the men hunting me.
I just didn’t know that when I signed up to work with him that I would be signing up to work with one of the most handsome, rugged, and edgy men in the world.
We’re on opposite sides of the law, and our life outlooks are different, but I know I can get through to him, somehow… hopefully before I’m caught, or before the trial, when I may never see him again.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number is a collection of standalone gay romances by Van Cole with a HEA and NO cheating!

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