Against All Odds by Ajme Williams


We loved each other… only as friends.
We married each other… only in Vegas.

A fake ring and a cheap dress didn’t mean anything to me.
But the feelings in my heart were real.
They were more intense than I wanted them to be.
Because Chris and I… could never work.
My brother hates him even though he’s always been my BFF.
And more than anything?
Chris might have said “I do” in Vegas but he only wants to be friends.
It’s one thing to suppress my emotions.
It’s another to hide my pregnancy.

Chris can’t find out.
It’ll ruin whatever it is that we have left.
My focus needs to remain on the annulment.
And on mending my own heart.
Am I being stupid? Probably.
But there’s no way that this could end in a happily ever after… could it?

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