Academy of Protectors by Gray Holborn


Meet Max Bentley: She’s socially awkward, uncommonly naive, and doesn’t have a filter between her brain and her mouth (though she’s heard great things about them and is on the hunt for one of her very own—fingers crossed). Oh! And her whole life is about to implode…

You know what’s annoying? Having your first real date interrupted by a werewolf and a hellhound. And while it wasn’t exactly swoon-worthy to watch my date get ripped from my lips, luckily for him, I’m pretty great at kicking ass. I doubt I’ll get that second date any time soon, but I have to say that the whole thing wasn’t a total waste.

Now that the monsters have invaded my small town, my family is finally ready to ditch the secluded cabin I grew up in, with nothing but a fat stack of books and TV to keep me and my brother from dying of boredom, for greener pastures. I’ve always dreamed of joining The Protector Guild—a secret establishment that studies captured demons and trains protectors to kill them. And when I enroll in The Guild Academy designed to train protectors to hunt escaped creatures from hell, I’m  convinced I’m finally going to find my place in the world—just like the protagonists in all those books I’ve devoured. But I quickly learn that things in The Guild aren’t at all what they seem and I’ve been fed a steaming sack of lies my whole life. Maybe the old isolated cabin wasn’t so bad after all. At least back home I knew who I could trust. Sort of.

After meeting a team of mysterious protectors who are way too good looking to be trustworthy, it’s up to my new friends (and enemies) to keep the very demons I’m supposed to be chasing after from chasing me instead.

Great. So much for that new and exciting life I’ve always wanted. Clearly, there’s such a thing as too exciting…and that whole ‘careful what you wish for’ thing might have some merit.

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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