A Wish upon an Earl by Katherine Ann Madison & Maggie Dallen


How does a near spinster find love? A knight in shining armor, A little wish about the Maypole, A masquerade ball, And one injured foot…

Lady Sarah Appleton stands accused of a terrible crime. She’s a known romantic. Or at least she was until one epically awful attempt to use her romanticism to catch the love of her life. Sarah doesn’t want to go into details but it may have involved some wings, a bow and arrow, and a verse of poorly penned poetry. She ends up the laughingstock of Eton and she swears never to be swayed by romantic fancy again.

But one dance around the Maypole, years later, and she finds herself wishing for a second chance at finding love. Obviously, she chose the wrong man the first time she confessed her feelings to Lord Ethan Bentley. And maybe the wrong method too. She’s older and wiser and ready to try again.

The problem? The moment she wishes to find a new beau the one who rejected her all those years ago returns. What’s worse…he’s dressed as the very knight she imagined. Is he trying to torture her all over again? Hasn’t he wounded her enough?

Apparently not. Because it would seem their romantic follies have only just begun. And while he may not be the knight of her dreams, Lord Bentley might just be her happily ever after.

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