A Wish Upon a Marquess by Maggie Dallen


How does a socially inept bluestocking find love?

One ruined chemistry set
A marquess in need of a scientific mind
Three meddling friends and, of course
One wish upon a maypole

Miss Camilla Fairbanks’ romance starts with a bang. Literally. The explosion is heard by everyone in the Marquess of Ashburn’s country estate. But Camilla isn’t searching for love when she arrives at Ashburn’s manor. She needs a husband, though that’s not high on her wish list either. Her greatest wish is actually to replace her formerly burned chemistry set.

But fate seems to have other plans. Or at least, her friend Sarah does… It’s Sarah who convinces Camilla to help her brother Ash with his new experiments in brewing. The poor man doesn’t know the first thing about brewing beer, and he knows even less about the chemistry behind it. All he does know is he’s inherited the blasted title, and he means to see through his deceased brother’s plans, whether he’s fit for the role or not.

In exchange for Camilla’s help, Ash offers her lessons on speaking to members of the opposite sex. Considering she’s run off every other suitor with her talk of science and books, it seems like a fair trade. It would be…if feelings didn’t get involved.

Camilla has never been more confused. Why, now, of all times did she have to succumb to the nonsensical state that is love? And how does she begin to explain her feelings? Will her attempt be as explosive as his brewing practices?

One thing is for certain, when it comes to science and love…chemistry is in the air.

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