A Wager with a Viscount by Rose Pearson


A wager between a governess and a viscount… what will be the consequences?

Being foisted with not one but two children is one thing, but to be sent their governess also is quite another! Viscount Edmund Wollaston has promised to care for his brother’s children for a short while but did not realize just how much they would disrupt his carefully ordered life. Unhappy, he decides to send the governess and the children away, only for the governess herself to beg him to change his mind.

Miss Tabitha Raikes never expected to have to make a wager with a viscount! Knowing that to return to her father’s home would cause her untold difficulty, she makes a bet with the viscount that, should she win, will force his hand and permit her and the children to stay. Will she be able to succeed? And can she hide from him the beginnings of affection that are springing up within her heart?

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