A Viscount’s Stolen Fortune by Rose Pearson


A Viscount who has lost his fortune…can he regain it with the help of a young lady destined to become a companion?

Viscount William Foster is devastated when he wakes up to discover he has, somehow, lost his fortune. Believing that he has been cheated out of it, he is determined to regain it in whatever way he can, only to find his fiancée no longer eager to wed him and society turning away from him entirely. Lost and confused, he receives an offer of help from one young lady that he simply cannot refuse.

Miss Alice Lawrence must marry by the time the Season ends, else face the consequence of becoming a companion. Hearing the news of Lord Foster’s difficulties, she offers her aid to help him regain his fortune, with the promise of matrimony should they succeed. Will he agree to her bargain? Is it even possible to regain his fortune?

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