A Strong-Minded Bride to Prize by Emberly Hart


When she was a little girl, Holly dreamed of a prince coming to take her away from her cold-hearted family and sweep her up into his arms. Well, those dreams are dead, along with her parents. Cut from the will by a cruel uncle, Holly has no choice but to make her own way—and it’s West. Maybe her knight in shining armor is at the end of the Bridal Train line and is really wearing spurs.

The last thing Samuel Hollinger is in the market for is a wife. But his family is coming all the way from New York City to see him, and they might be under the impression that he’s married. And that just might be his fault. The only way out is to get himself one of those mail order brides, though he only intends to keep her until after the holidays when his family returns home.

Samuel makes it quite clear he doesn’t want a wife, and Holly is facing yet more loneliness. But then his family comes to visit, and she’s embraced by the big family, leaving her feeling this Christmas might be her first happy one. Watching his new bride settle into the frontier has Samuel all mixed up. Now he’s wondering why he never wanted a wife in the first place…

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