A Shattered Us by Faith Isabel Bloom


When Claire and Philippe Fontaine suffer the devastating loss of their son, the young couple move to Paris to make a fresh start and come to terms with their loss. As they settle into a new life, caring for one another and helping each other to cope with their grief, little do they imagine that their world is about to be turned upside down once more.

In 1940’s Europe there is great danger. War has come to the continent once more and France stands right in the centre of it, prepared to stand against Nazi aggression despite the possibility of invasion and the loss of life that war will bring.

As the threat becomes ever greater, it seems that Claire and Philippe face a huge challenge to live their lives in the peace and safety they desire.

But what will happen if Germany does invade? How will such an event change their lives? And will they be able to stay together or be ripped apart by the conflict?

Their love for one another may be enough for now, but can it survive more heartbreak?

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