A Rose for Laura by Callie Hutton


A tug of war over a house they each want. One will win, but will they both lose their hearts?

Keniel Singh, a bi-racial by-blow of the former Earl of Huntington is unknown to his three brothers. He was born to Chloe Singh, a Jamaican artist who had a brief affair with the former Earl of Huntington when he was there to check on one of his plantations.

On her deathbed she tells Keniel of his heritage and encourages him to find his family. He sets out for London and is soon employed at The Rose Room, while his brothers, the owners, do not know who he is.

Miss Laura Benson is an almost spinster who champions children on the London streets. She’s in need of a new home to lease for an orphanage she manages. She finds the perfect house, but Mr. Keniel Singh is also viewing the property and he plans to purchase it.

Keniel is attracted to the spirited, beautiful woman, but holds back, sure she would never consider a relationship with him because of his heritage. However, to keep her in his life, he refuses to break the contract for the house. Instead, he offers to help her find another one.

Laura is equally attracted to the man, but his refusal to allow her the house that she deems perfect for the children, and manages a gambling house patronized by the very men who carelessly produce these cast-off children warns her to keep her heart close.

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Historical Romance

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